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Vintage Lace and Mannequin as Shabby Chic Treasures

This Shabby Chic Darling is what I got as the result of playing with vintage lace and doilies when trying to display them on the old mannequin that I had bought couple of years ago for my sewing adventures. I … Continue reading


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Unique Bohemian Curtain From Repurposed Vintage Lace

This curtain is the result of my OBSESSION for VINTAGE LACE, love for BOHEMIAN STYLE, joy of creating something UNIQUE, and awareness for the benefits of RECYCLING.  Ah yes, I forgot to mention the BIG NEED for the curtains in … Continue reading


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Different Shower Curtain: DIY Tutorial

In its previous life this shower curtain used to be three bed sheets, so I can officially add this tutorial to my collection of repurposed-recycled DIY tutorials, and look as money-saving  very environment conscious person. I wanted to have a shower … Continue reading


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Bohemian Lampshade: DIY Tutorial

This BOHEMIAN STYLE LAMPSHADE I made for my (kind of) BOUDOIR style bedroom, and I hope that this tutorial and pictures will INSPIRE you to make your own lampshades – it is EASY and DOABLE. I just LOOOOOVE how this … Continue reading


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Bohemian Ornament: DIY Tutorial

  Do you want to see the DIY tutorial about how easy it is to make UNIQUE BOHEMIAN ORNAMENT that adds special BOHO TOUCH to your interior? This statement piece (here you see again – I am not modest when … Continue reading


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Recycle DIY: Giant Crochet Garland Decoration

Do you want some inspiration for making a STATEMENT DECORATION PIECE for winter season at your home? If you are curious, then read on! I love GIANT DECORATIONS and I love crystals. I enjoy crocheting with HUGE hook and BIG … Continue reading


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How To Make Coffee Table Ottoman: DIY Tutorial

REAL COMFORT be it! It means: WE NEED MORE THAN A COFFEE TABLE and we want to use RECYCLED, REPURPOSED and CHEAP MATERIALS. We need a coffee table with sturdy surface, but SOFT enough to serve us as ottoman TO REST our feet … Continue reading


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How To Make Unique Lampshade: DIY Tutorial

  Would you believe that this lampshade is made of UPCYCLED, LEFT OVER and REPURPOSED MATERIALS – bead garlands that had been used for Christmas tree decorations, left over golden thread from gift wrapping in previous years and yarn scraps … Continue reading


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How To Make Coffee Table: DIY Lace Painting

I and my husband believe that giving a bountiful crop is good, so we make sure to follow the advice of such a wise man, and happily take well-deserved rests on our balcony. We had table for meals, armchair for … Continue reading