How to Make Unique Baroque Style Ornaments

These four unique baroque, bohemian and, somewhat, eclectic style ornaments with bohemian flair are easy to crochet while playing with own imagination. The MAGIC happens outside the borders of should´s and shouldn´ts. Creating such ornaments is a complete immersion in mindfulness meditation. It is a pleasure of allowing your own intuition to guide you – no expectations, just FLOW. It feels so rejuvenating…

Use such Darling as a special gift for the person that you want to give something absolutely unique, or – for somebody who has nearly everything and you are puzzled what to gift. And of course, these ornaments are perfect to decorate not only the Christmas tree, but also serve as unique interior elements. And – they can also become jewelry pieces….

Dear Readers, thank you for staying with me, despite my prolonged silence time since the last post! I have been busy taking care of my Little Dragon – very active, now 9 months old baby. He is exploring the world with such enthusiasm and determination that I hardly manage to rescue and protect him from the adventures he frequently gets himself into. When my husband gets home from work, I get some time off to create and to tend to my always-searching-inspiration desire. I hope to share with you soon the new tutorials of what I have crafted in this time of my virtual-reality-absence.

Unique Baroque Ornament Crochet Tutorial



Continue reading to explore more…

Materials needed for Baroque Crochet OrnamentMaterials that I used (you can see everything on the picture on the left side):
1) Crochet yarn – black cotton and golden yarn (I used Anchor Artiste Metallic Yarn that I got in my local yarn shop).

2) Crochet hook 1.75mm.

3) Wooden balls of 3 different sizes.

4) Embroidery needle.

The balls are crocheted with single crochet in continuous rounds. I started them with ch (chain) 2, then  sc (single crochet) 6 in the first chain loop, then sc 2 in each of 6 sts (stitches). Depending on the size of the ball I added the next rows (for the bigger balls – continuing to increase the amount of stitches) until I reached the middle of the ball, then I inserted the ball inside the crochet half-sphere and started to decrease the amount of sts in each row.

Here are some explanations of how I created each ornament. Maybe these descriptions can serve you as some kind of inspiration for your creations.



Crochet Unique Bohemian Ornament


This is my favorite ornament (so I could not resist and add two photos of it – alone, and with the description). If to rotate it – it looks like a fancy carousel because while the whole ornament rotates, the small 7 balls “run” away from the center and it creates a truly magical look.


Crochet Baroque Decoration Tutorial



This ornament can be used as jewelry – for necklace or earring (crochet it with smaller size hook and thinner thread, and use small size beads instead of wooden balls).

Crochet Baroque Ornament Tutorial



This ornament has some kind of ALCHEMY feel. It would be a nice present to the person who likes things with a flair of magic, fairies, astrology.

Crochet Eclectic Ornament



And this ornament reminds of something from the sea life or, maybe, some other form of life outside-of-this-dimesion.

Crochet Eclectic Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Would you, please, let me know which one is your favorite? I am curious to learn about your taste, dear Reader :-)

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7 Responses to How to Make Unique Baroque Style Ornaments

  1. Terr says:

    I don’t really have a favorite, I love all of them. They would look beautiful on any tree!!

    • firegoodness says:

      Thank you, Terr! I hope it´s where my mother-in-law would put them :-) I gave them as a gift to her birthday. And then I asked if I could keep them for few days, so I could make better photos of them… I am not that good daughter-in-law.

  2. Mosaic Magpie says:

    Well Done!

  3. Stephanie B. says:

    Wow, nice!

  4. Karin says:

    beautiful!!!! absolutely stunning! unfortunately i have no idea how to do this. i can sew, but this?! no. not even your tutorial makes any sense to me at all :(

    you ARE the best daughter in law, if you’re giving these kinds of presents to your in laws!. i would keep them! :D

    greetings again from austria

    (what part in switzerland is it? german- french or italian speaking?)

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