Crochet Bag Pattern and Broomstick Crochet Tutorial

Crochet Unique Bag Free Pattern FrontThis charming crocheted purse has two faces – one side has the image of the sea coast, while the other side in checkered design looks completely different.

Have you, too (like I), been intrigued by the broomstick crochet technique? Do you, too (again – like I), enjoy playing working with colors? If so – then crocheting this adorable useful accessory will feel like pampering yourself with a refreshing dessert on a warm summer evening.

(If you wonder, why I dared to call this small bag “charming” – well, it´s because my husband said it was “charming”. And “unique”. Or maybe he said something else. Anyhow, that´s what I believe I heard from my fan The Expert. And I added “adorable”. Had my English vocabulary been broader – I would have added few more adjectives of the same self praising opinion for my creative work.) 

Do you want to know (I´m gonna tell you anyway, sorry…) why I made the other side of the bag to look so different? Does it look somewhat masculine to you? (I hope it does. Do you agree, it does? Please?)

Crochet purse free pattern back view

Besides my big wish to play with colors and couple of pleasant stitches, I, being greedy optimizer, wished this purse to be multifunctional. I wanted it to have a gender neutral look when needed (oh, I found the right name: GENDER NEUTRAL. Now, that sounds smart). You see, when we go out for walks, I sometimes feel lazy tired to carry my belongings. (Yes, that´s correct – even if those are just few belongings packed inside a small purse. I am… that bad.) And my strong knight-of-a-husband is always willing to rescue me, so he carries my things. I was not sure if the colorful sea-coast-type-bag would look that knight-y. (Not that he minds. It´s just my wish.) So, I crocheted the other side in masculine checkered design. And then I could not resist, and… included that turquoise color that I am pretty obsessed with. That´s how the masculine side of the bag became midway masculine GENDER NEUTRAL.


Continue reading to explore more…

By the way – if you have read the whole text that I have written above – THANK YOU! I like you even more now. It feels soooooo GOOD to be able to share my weirdness stories with a such a polite and patient person.

How to crochet charming, double sided Purse


Materials used: 100% cotton (suitable for 2.5-3.5 mm crochet hook) in as many colors as you wish. I used Schachenmayr SMC Catania cotton yarn (since I like to exaggerate, I used 15 colors (you might like to use fewer or maybe: more colors): 8 shades of blue, 4 shades of green, white, light brown, dark gray); 2.5 mm crochet hook and 12 mm knitting needle. For making the shoulder string I used 4.5 mm hook.

FEW NOTES before you start crocheting:

1) You can see on the below left side picture that purse is crocheted from the top part down (starting with the darkest blue color, this is where the zipper for closing the bag will be added). When the broomstick pattern is turned upside down – it looks like the sea waves.

Instructions how to Crochet unique bag

2) Every next row of waves is crocheted in such way that each new wave is located between the two waves of previous row.

3) The bird´s foot stitch (or feather stitch) that is used for the green color to present the grass, is also crocheted from the top to down. You can see the plants when you rotate the crochet work by 180 degrees. On the above right side picture you can see how the front side of the bag looks when it is crocheted. This panel will be rotated 180 degrees to put the upper part down, so the grass can grow upwards :-)

Crochet purse that has two different looks

4) The pattern for the sand on the beach is crocheted with BACK LOOP single crochet which creates the texture to each line (see the picture above, on the left side). The same back loop single crochet stitch is used for crocheting grass, EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST ROW OF EACH NEWLY ADDED GREEN COLOR. Every time when the green color is changed to the next green shade, the first row is worked in usual single crochet through both loops of the previous row´s stitches.

Free Crochet Pattern for Charming Purse

5) The purse´s back side in checkered design is crocheted with regular single crochet.

6) Closing of bag has several options. You can leave the purse without any closing. You can add buttons and button loops to close it. You can also sew zipper to close the purse properly. I chose zipper for my purse because I move a lot and in different directions (taking care of my baby), so I wanted to be sure that all my belongings will remain inside the purse. Another reason to choose zipper – I plan to wear this purse when traveling, so I want to be sure that my belongings are behind more safe closing.

How to make lining for bag

7) About adding lining. Your purse will be wonderful just as it is. Or you can add lining. I lined my purse with jeans fabric and inside pocket. I want my purse to be durable enough for different weather conditions and intensive wear, so it would have longer life. The tutorial for adding lining will be in the next post.

Click here: PATTERN FOR CROCHET BAG WITH TWO LOOKS to get the detailed pattern description.


This stitch, when turned upside down, creates an image of the sea with waves.
You will need yarn (several colors, if you want to crochet waves in different colors), crochet hook and big (fat) knitting needle. For this purse I used 2.5 mm crochet hook and 12 mm knitting needle (one can use bigger needle, then crochet work has more of lace structure. I wanted the loops to be rather closed, so, after testing several sizes of knitting needles, I settled for 12 mm needle.

Abbreviation: ch= chain stitch, sc= single crochet, st (sts)= stitch (stitches)

broomstick-crochet-tutorial_1Start by crocheting foundation row of chain crochet. Then work single crochet in each ch, starting from the second ch from the hook. Pay attention – from now on you will work WITHOUT TURNING your work. Always crocheting from the front side.
To make a sample, crochet ch 19, then crochet sc in the second ch from hook, work sc 18. 

broomstick crochet tutorial 2

Now, use the loop that you got from working the last single crochet stitch. Remove the loop from the hook, draw it up to make it bigger, then put it on the knitting needle. *Insert crochet hook in the BACK LOOP of the next stitch, draw it up and put on the knitting needle*.

broomstick crochet tutorial 3

Continue making loops as described above *…* until you have worked loops in all stitches. For this sample you should have 18 loops on the knitting needle.

broomstick crochet  stitch comparison tutorial 4Pay attention that you pull loops only through the BACK LOOP of single crochet stitches from the previous row. Untouched front loops of the previous row´s stitches will make the nice edge of the wave. You can see how different are the waves in the two samples above. The sample on left side was crocheted with making loops only through the back loop of single crochet stitch. The waves on the right side´s sample do not have those nice edges because the long loops were pulled through both loops of single crochet stitch.

broomstick crochet  tutorial 5When all the loops of the row are on the knitting needle, remove 6 loops from the needle, put yarn over the hook and pull it through all 6 loops, then work chain 1 in this loop. This is the beginning stitch of each row.

broomstick crochet tutorial 6Then work sc 5 in the same 6 loops.

broomstick crochet tutorial 7Remove next 6 loops from the needle and work 6 sc sts in this space.

broomstick crochet tutorial 8Repeat until all loops from knitting needle are off.

broomstick crochet tutorial 9Add new color and draw the loops on the knitting needle as described before – again, only through the back loop of the stitch.

broomstick crochet tutorial 10Now, pay attention that the first wave of each even number row (also this row) needs to be “half” wave. It is needed to create more rich look of the waves when each wave is located between the two waves of the previous row.

When all the loops of the row are on the knitting needle, remove the first 3 loops (half wave) from the needle, put yarn over the hook and pull it through all 3 loops, then work chain 1 in this loop, then work sc 2 in this place. The rest of the loops are again worked in the sets of 6 loops with 6 sc sts. At the end of the row there will be 3 loops (half wave) left and there you need to work only 3 single crochet stitches.

The third line of waves is worked like the first line of waves – starting with the full wave – set of 6 loops.

You can play with the size of knitting needle and with the amount of loops you crochet together – it will create different results.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this tutorial!

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38 Responses to Crochet Bag Pattern and Broomstick Crochet Tutorial

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  2. Molly says:

    Hi!! I loved this tutorial!!

    I had never tried the broomstick stitch but you made it look easy enough, so I gave it a try. I don’t have a 12mm knitting needle so I used a marker, worked just as well. I also tried using a lipgloss tube but the hoops were too big, that’s when I decided to go for the marker.

    I’m thinking of crocheting a kindle case, using the broomstick stitch to add some texture :D

    • firegoodness says:

      Thank you, Molly! You are very inventive to find a good and so practical solution! I assume you are going to make a very special kindle case. Would you be willing to share the photo of it if it feels right for you?:-) Good luck and lots of joy with it!

  3. leticia solano says:

    demasiado bonito y muchisimas gracias por la explicación. aunque me gustaria que amolien mas todo el tejido del bolsito, para hacerlo y que me quede igual, mil gracias.

  4. I love this bag – it is amazing!!! I have bookmarked this and will have a go.

  5. Kara says:

    I love this bag have never crochet before in my life and would pay for it so cute

  6. Debra says:

    I read it completely through and visualized doing it. What I thought was going to be difficult was indeed fairly easy or maybe it was just your incredible tutorial! Thank you! Will be making this bag soon!

  7. anezia says:

    yes, your husband says right: this purse is really “charming” and “unique”! also I like it, and also I will crochet it certainly very soon. thanks for pattern!

    • firegoodness says:

      Anezia, you just made my husband very happy by saying that he was right :-) Thank you for your lovely feedback! Let me know if I can be of help if you decide to crochet this purse.

  8. sarah says:

    Wow, this is an amazing pattern! What a pity I just crocheted a case for my kindle (using the bird foot’s stich). I’m in love with the waves and will give it a go for SURE! soon.. thanks for sharing!

  9. Susan says:

    I want to know how to do from sand beach part. I am confused on the instruction. If you can explain to me that would great.
    Thank you

    • firegoodness says:

      Hello Susan, Thank you for your question! I do not really understand in which row do you need the explanation. Let me know and I will see how to explain it otherwise.

  10. Susan says:

    After the broomstick stitch. All the rows. If you can explain to me I will appreciate it. Thank you

    • firegoodness says:

      When you were crocheting waves with broomstick stitch, you never turned your work around, you always crocheted from the same front side of the bag. After crocheting row 17, you turn your project. (From now on, you will always turn your project when you have completed to crochet the row – as how you usually would crochet, for example – a scarf).
      In row 18 you need to decrease the amount of stitches from 60 to 49. You need to skip all together 11 stitches during this row. You do it by skipping 1 stitch that is between the waves from row 16. At the end of the row 18 you should have 49 stitches. If something does not match – simply decrease the amount of stitches evenly throughout this row, until you have got 49 stitches.

      The sandy beach part is worked in single crochet. The very first row (Row 18 in the pattern description) single crochet is worked in FRONT LOOP ONLY.
      Every other row for the sandy beach you continue working in single crochet, but now you do it in BACK LOOP ONLY. I found a youtube video with demonstration for crocheting in front loop only and back loop only:
      Maybe t helps to understand this description.

      And then, the green part of the bag is crocheted as explained in the tutorial for the bird´s foot stitch (the link is in the tutorial for the bag, here is the copy of the link: ). The only difference from the iPhone cover to this bag for this stitch is that some of the green color rows are crocheted through the back loop only – which ones, it is indicated in the bag´s pattern description.

      I hope it helps.

  11. Susan says:

    Thank you

  12. A crochet fan says:

    It’s absolutely brilliant. I thing it’s a beautiful tribute to crochet and the pattern

  13. Desiree says:

    You tutorial is so straight forward and easy to understand!

    I’ve always had difficulties following patterns – but you made it sooo easy.

    Think about publishing a bound book – I’d buy it.

    (I’ve saved this site as one of my crochet favorites!!

    • firegoodness says:

      Thank you, Desiree, for your feedback! It is wonderful to know that real people can profit from this tutorial. It justifies the efforts of making the tutorial and gives a satisfaction too :-) If you do make the bag – would you, please, share the picture of it with me?

  14. Fabienne says:

    Il est splendide! Je vais essayer de faire un semblable.

  15. Janet says:

    That is a beautiful purse. I love the broomstick stitch! Unfortunately, I don’t know how to crochet (yet, I knit but have always wanted to learn to crochet). I’ll have to bookmark this page so I can come back to this.

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  17. zoe says:

    That is one of the most beautiful crotchet work I’ve seen… I’ll be trying that out soon.

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  21. Cat says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS bag! I’m sure it’s much too advanced for my novice skills, but it’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Lyric says:

    Love it (the purse) as well as the prose. You are too funny.

    I want to add this to my “I’m going to make this SOMEday” list (rolling my eyes). In my vision mine is all about ME and I don’t mind carrying my stuff; SEW, I will make either both sides the same (the peacock stitch side) or perhaps I could make the back side totally different striking colors. And I can see I’ll want mine bigger.

    This is such a fun purse. I don’t know which is funer, the purse or YOU.

    Thank you for sharing the eye candy AND the how-to with the world.



  23. Charlene says:

    I made this bag for my daughter for Christmas and a smaller version for an iphone purse for my granddaughter. I modified it somewhat, but then I usually do when I’m using a pattern. My daughter loves it and my other daughter wants one too. I’m changing the colors to pinks and grey greens for the next one – so maybe more of a sunrise effect than the beach but I’m sure it will be just as beautiful. Thanks so much for providing the pattern!

    • firegoodness says:

      Charlene, it is fantastic that you add your own touch to your work – I am sure it looks beautiful and holds lots of love there too!:)

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