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My name is Laura. I am nearing my mid thirties, and happily married to Michel (aka Big Dragon, Knight ,and any other positive and fancy name that a happy lady can call The Man of Her Life). We are raising our Little Baby Dragon, who now obliges us to be the example for him with everything we do. At the end of each day it is a serious reality check for us.
I am a Dreamer who sometimes does something useful. Michel is a Doer who sometimes agrees to dream big. We aim to be Doers Turning Our Big Dreams Into Reality While Treasuring The Joy Of Every Day.
I am good at making big dreams. Michel is good at treasuring the joy of every day. Our challenge is to be Doers Turning Our Big Dreams Into Reality. And yes, that´s a real challenge that we face. Every. Single. Day.
We have been diagnosed with chronic DIY syndrome. Our families suspect that it is part of our DNA. We think it is our excuse to take many breaks from our quest of being Doers Turning Big Dreams Into Reality. It is so much easier and faster to turn simple ideas into tangible results. As you can see from the amount of our DIY projects- we often take that easy way…
Every day, when we go online, we are grateful for Internet – this fantastic access to unlimited inspiration, advice, tools, great ideas and amazing people. It´s a real magic.
We benefit enormously from the vast amount of useful information that we find on Internet right when we need it.

This blog is our attempt to contribute our part in case if things we blog about can be useful for somebody, sometime, somewhere.

You can reach us on: aboutgoodness(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you for being here and spending your time with us!

18 Responses to About

  1. Gina says:

    Just came over to say thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog and discovered how great your blog is!!! Where do you find the time! I will be following you, thanks again. Gina @ asenseofdesign.blogspot.com

    • Thank you, Gina, for your kind words!
      I am not that good with time. I am very good with wasting time. Sometimes when I feel I have wasted too much time, I get something crafty done to justify myself at least in my own eyes.

  2. thornberry says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, because I am thrilled to have found yours! Love those 3D snowflakes. I’m looking forward to sitting back and perusing all your posts.

  3. Rosalyn says:

    love your tutorials…am also enamoured with crochet, knitting, decorating, etc. I did a closet in stripes of
    black and white duck tape…awesome project…am now doing a lampshade, will be using beads…

    • Thank you, Rosalyn! Then we have similar interests :-) Oh, and you will use beads for lampshade – great! My fingers are itching to do the next lampshade as well, but there are still some other things to settle before that…

  4. housewifing says:

    Wow, what a great blog! Thanks for commenting on mine. I’ll be following you!

  5. You are so talented with crocket!! I loved to go through your projects. You have inspired me to maybe pick up a hook…

  6. lapinksoup says:

    Hello Good Day :) Thank you so much for coming around to my blog and for your wonderful comment. You have some really amazing crochet tutorials.

  7. Sue says:

    I love your blog, too! Looking forward to more. I wouldn’t call your crafting time “wasted”. Love seeing your creations!

  8. Carolyn J Perez says:

    I was attracted to the Cap as a possibility for my husband and just want to say thank you for sharing.
    I look forward to more of your creations so keep me posted.
    Carolyn, Lakeville, CT

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  10. Merriam Nixon says:

    Lovely! I have made my two boys Tweed Huck Finn hats, and in the pursuit of finding a pattern to make one for my husband (But we’re calling it a Donegal Cap) I found this site! Beautiful ideas. I enjoy reupholstering other people’s tossed furniture, and was contemplating doing a stencil on a large oak coffee table I found on the side of the road. You’re lace spray paint idea would be perfect. Thanks for sharing.

    • firegoodness says:

      Thank you, Merriam, for your kind words and for letting me know another name of the hat!
      It looks that you are a real DIY person with busy hands! Is it possible to see your creations somewhere, somehow?

      And now you have an oak coffee table to work with – super! Such a wonderful material to work with! The fact that it was found somewhere – only adds the value for this project :-)
      By the way – I assume your stenciling idea for it might be better than spray painting lace on it. With stencil one could still see the valuable wood you have for your table. With spray paint the accent is only on the pattern and the wood is nearly not seen. I think that lace spray painting works well for the wood (or other material) that is not so valuable, is rather damaged or when one really really wants to have a lace design on the surface :-)

  11. Vairis says:

    Nu ko tev teikt, cepuri nost. Redzu, ka starp pleciem pumpas vietā ir galva un arī rokas ir izaugušas no pareizās vietas. Ar vienu vārdu sakot malacis.

  12. Lee says:

    Hi! I just found your site and love your tutorials. I just pinned your shower curtain from 3 sheets and almost called it “Anthro look shower curtain”. It’s not a knockoff, but has the Anthropologie feel.

    • firegoodness says:

      Thank you, Lee! From what I have seen in online Anthro stores (there is no store in Switzerland) – they feature quite many wonderful products.

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