How to Make Unique Baroque Style Ornaments

These four unique baroque, bohemian and, somewhat, eclectic style ornaments with bohemian flair are easy to crochet while playing with own imagination. The MAGIC happens outside the borders of should´s and shouldn´ts. Creating such ornaments is a complete immersion in mindfulness meditation. It is a pleasure of allowing your own intuition to guide you – no expectations, just FLOW. It feels so rejuvenating…

Use such Darling as a special gift for the person that you want to give something absolutely unique, or – for somebody who has nearly everything and you are puzzled what to gift. And of course, these ornaments are perfect to decorate not only the Christmas tree, but also serve as unique interior elements. And – they can also become jewelry pieces….

Dear Readers, thank you for staying with me, despite my prolonged silence time since the last post! I have been busy taking care of my Little Dragon – very active, now 9 months old baby. He is exploring the world with such enthusiasm and determination that I hardly manage to rescue and protect him from the adventures he frequently gets himself into. When my husband gets home from work, I get some time off to create and to tend to my always-searching-inspiration desire. I hope to share with you soon the new tutorials of what I have crafted in this time of my virtual-reality-absence.

Unique Baroque Ornament Crochet Tutorial



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Vintage Lace and Mannequin as Shabby Chic Treasures

This Shabby Chic Darling is what I got as the result of playing with vintage lace and doilies when trying to display them on the old mannequin that I had bought couple of years ago for my sewing adventures.Recycle doily lace mannequin diy

I had no intention to beautify my dear old ancient Annabelle with the treasures from my obsessively growing vintage lace collection. Not that Annabelle did not deserve a new outfit.

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Crochet Bag Pattern and Broomstick Crochet Tutorial

Crochet Unique Bag Free Pattern FrontThis charming crocheted purse has two faces – one side has the image of the sea coast, while the other side in checkered design looks completely different.

Have you, too (like I), been intrigued by the broomstick crochet technique? Do you, too (again – like I), enjoy playing working with colors? If so – then crocheting this adorable useful accessory will feel like pampering yourself with a refreshing dessert on a warm summer evening.

(If you wonder, why I dared to call this small bag “charming” – well, it´s because my husband said it was “charming”. And “unique”. Or maybe he said something else. Anyhow, that´s what I believe I heard from my fan The Expert. And I added “adorable”. Had my English vocabulary been broader – I would have added few more adjectives of the same self praising opinion for my creative work.) 

Do you want to know (I´m gonna tell you anyway, sorry…) why I made the other side of the bag to look so different? Does it look somewhat masculine to you? (I hope it does. Do you agree, it does? Please?)

Crochet purse free pattern back view

Besides my big wish to play with colors and couple of pleasant stitches, I, being greedy optimizer, wished this purse to be multifunctional. I wanted it to have a gender neutral look when needed (oh, I found the right name: GENDER NEUTRAL. Now, that sounds smart). You see, when we go out for walks, I sometimes feel lazy tired to carry my belongings. (Yes, that´s correct – even if those are just few belongings packed inside a small purse. I am… that bad.) And my strong knight-of-a-husband is always willing to rescue me, so he carries my things. I was not sure if the colorful sea-coast-type-bag would look that knight-y. (Not that he minds. It´s just my wish.) So, I crocheted the other side in masculine checkered design. And then I could not resist, and… included that turquoise color that I am pretty obsessed with. That´s how the masculine side of the bag became midway masculine GENDER NEUTRAL.


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Crochet Amigurumi Bunnies for the Gift or Baby Mobile

Crochet Amigurumi Bunny Free PatternCrocheted amigurumi bunnies have the same basic pattern, but look different from each other because of their outfit and face expressions. Such toys are fun – each one separate or together as a group. They make funny gifts to people of any age, especially when you add a special message. It is all about the details :-)

These four bunnies are fixed on our son´s crib. Sweety reminds Little Dragon to be as wonderful and unique as he is. Magician takes care that he (and we too!) remembers that each one of us is a Magician, and we can see and feel the magic every day, all around us :-) The King is there to teach him that every person is the king of own life. And the Joker encourages this child (and again – us, his parents too) to have fun no matter what!


You can see the big difference that details make by comparing the picture above (where all bunnies are wearing their accessories) with the picture below at Step 7 (where bunnies are without their accessories).

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Unique Bohemian Curtain From Repurposed Vintage Lace

How to make Bohemian Curtain from Vintage LaceThis curtain is the result of my OBSESSION for VINTAGE LACE, love for BOHEMIAN STYLE, joy of creating something UNIQUE, and awareness for the benefits of RECYCLING.  Ah yes, I forgot to mention the BIG NEED for the curtains in the bedroom (actually, in every room)…

I have couple of how-to-make-curtains books. They show many wonderful curtains that I would like to have. But so far I have not made any. Reasons? There is a serious, detailed and precise (read: complicated for me) work that needs to be done to get to those curtains. And usually I like curtains that need A LOT of fabric. I live in a place where fabric costs way too much. Ready made curtains are cheaper, but I do not like them. As you see – I have countless excuses why windows at our home were naked for a way too long time.

In my obsession for vintage lace I have collected quite some amount of lace: ribbons, lace collars, decorations for bed linen, doilies and different other bits and pieces. They are stored in a box (well ok, three boxes). Whenever I have a craftiness attack to create something unusual, I open my lace treasure box and happily let me my hands and eyes play with the lace content. I love each item which makes it really difficult to force myself to make something out of those precious pieces.

My collection kept growing (read: so have been the costs of acquiring this collection) andit became more and more difficult to justify this obsession that sat in a box (yes, right, three boxes).


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Bunny Hat DIY for Cute Baby Photos- Free Crochet Pattern

Baby bunny crochet hat free pattern

Crocheted Bunny Hat with colorful lining for the ears is a wonderful accessory to use when making adorable photos of the child (or when simply showing off your treasure in its sweetest, cutest, most adorable look that melts even otherwise ice-cold and stone-hard hearts).

My Little Dragon is a very nice baby. (Well to tell the truth – we, his parents, think that he is the most wonderful Being on planet Earth.) But this Bunny hat makes him to look irresistible. We now have lots of photos with our charming Little-Dragon-turned-Sweet-Bunny. And it is very clear that we will make many more of those Bunny photos.


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iPhone Case Tutorial: Masculine Feather Stitch Crochet

iphone cover diy tutorialMasculine iPhone cover is what I called this crocheted iPhone case when I proudly gifted it to my husband (my overdue promise that was meant to be his Christmas gift). Why is it masculine? Because I asked my husband to choose the colors of yarn for his MASCULINE iPhone cover (He did. And then I crocheted that yarn as I liked – playing with a stitch that I wanted to try out since long.)

I will tell you a secret – when making this iPhone cover I thought of myself as being smart (I still think so of myself. Silently.) because of these reasons:
1) The choice of MASCULINE colors was all his responsibility (while mine was the freedom for crocheting them in a way I wished).
2) I wanted it to be easy crochet (I love single crochet stitches because crocheting them is like a meditation for me).
3)  Having 6 weeks old baby left me with very little time for crafting. That´s why making a cover for iPhone seemed a good opportunity to get to finished item before my child starts going to school ( I managed!).
4) I really wanted to get some peace for my mind by fulfilling the second of three Christmas gift promises that I made to my husband. (The third gift promise is still troubling me because I have no clue when I will get my hands on it.)


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Hot Air Balloons: Crochet Amigurumi Toys DIY Free Pattern

Amigurumi crochet baby mobile free patternThere are countless options for using these Hot Air Balloons as versatile gifts (baby mobile, joggling balls), and it is up to your imagination to choose the content of the basket. Put a special message in the basket for the recipient, or a small treat, or a passenger, or a special gift (could some jewelry piece be a good idea?) - anything your imagination can come up with! You can show the person how to free the ball from strings, or you can leave it as a riddle to solve…

Can you guess why these crocheted Amigurumi Hot Air Balloons are arranged as baby mobile?!
The reason is – three weeks ago my son – Little Dragon, our first child was born.
The birth and the first few weeks of our Little Dragon were the reasons for my quietness here on the blog. We were facing special circumstances with his birth and then learning to live together as a family. Our son was a breech baby and entered the world with his bottom first, giving us quite some challenges to overcome, and making me to seriously stretch my comfort zone when aiming for a natural breech birth for my first child. It certainly was a great experience that I will be able to use as a resource for future, and I am enormously grateful that all went well.


In fact, I live in a Dragon cave – not only my baby is a Dragon, so is his father. Luckily, I had learnt to fire walk before these two fire spitting dragons entered my life – it certainly is a useful skill now…

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Different Shower Curtain: DIY Tutorial

shower curtain diy tutorial

In its previous life this shower curtain used to be three bed sheets, so I can officially add this tutorial to my collection of repurposed-recycled DIY tutorials, and look as money-saving  very environment conscious person.

I wanted to have a shower curtain with style – layers of fabric falling in kind of “balloon-swag-manner” (I have no idea how to describe the style of this curtain that you see on the picture on the left. Friends, if you can help me here – PLEASE, HELP!).

I love white. My husband wants more color. (Never ending issue for negotiations between us regarding interior looks at our home.) Solution? Curtain that is big part white (it is still I who makes it!) and has colorful layers of fabric on its down part (for the sake of peace at home… And well – actually I love the play of colors on MY curtain).
Blue and gray stripes and layers felt right for our bathroom that has dark-green-blue-mix color carpet.

Now, when our super tiny, nearly dangerously claustrophobic bathroom (only 3.45 square meters!!!! This picture was made in our living room because there was no space to make any picture inside the bathroom) has been given this new, rich look - I feel so proud happy and am willing to add another DIY tutorial post to this blog to be helpful to humankind and share the TUTORIAL of HOW TO MAKE SUCH SHOWER CURTAIN.

As the minimum goal – I aim to inspire some people of this wonderful DIY tribe to create different kind of (shower) curtains.

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Amigurumi Crochet Cats: DIY Tutorial & Pattern

Amigurumi crochet cats tutorial free patternCrocheted amigurumi cats – each has a different personality that is visible from the details in the outfit and from the expression on the face. This kind of cat can be a funny gift to the person you want to surprise with your message :-)

Or maybe you want to crochet  funny BUNNY with personality? This tutorial includes instructions for more ideas of adding personal touch to each toy that you can use for the cat as well.

If you want to see the reason these cats were given their personality and character qualities – read the message near the end of this post. You will also see on the picture the purpose they were created for.

For me this anonymous saying expresses the essence of the cat´s being: “Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”

I like cats exactly for their independent nature. Each time when some cat shows affection to me – I feel I am special and honored I have been shown mercy. And each time a cat is nasty to me – I get angry and call it names a message that there is still so much work to do to improve my character…

So, you can imagine how well I felt when making these crocheted cats – I made them the way I wanted them to be. They got the characters I wanted them to have. And they got to behave just the way I wanted them to behave. It nearly felt like being a cat making goddess or something of this kind…

If you want to experience how it feels – you are welcome to use the pattern and tutorial of how to make such crocheted cat.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here they are! Meet:

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